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Fear Warrior Playlist: Songs to Beat Your Fears

Jerusha Agen Fighting Fear 20 Comments

music (1280x854)My old nemesis crept back. I could feel it as it seized my stomach, making it flip and churn. The enemy traveled upward, spurting my pulse into hyperdrive.


I was about to do something big, something important—in front of a crowd. The deadly nerves had stayed at bay for a remarkably long time, but now, in the crucial moment, they attacked. The physical symptoms of my fear would likely ensure some of the embarrassment that caused my trepidation in the first place.

Then a song began to play.

Yes, a song. I was at a conference at the time and friends of mine, a husband and wife with lovely voices, performed a song called, “I Am Not Alone.”

The lyrics seeped past the lies my fear was whispering in my ear, instead speaking truth to my soul. The beautiful, meditative melody created a softer emotion in my heart and mind. Peace flowed through the limbs that had started to tremble and washed over the nerves in my belly.

In the moment where terror had always won before, God used the power of song to grant me the victory.

I-will-sing-graphic (1280x961)The power of song shouldn’t have been so much of a surprise to me. I’ve seen in Scripture more than once how David and other psalmists rely on singing to calm their fears and to speak comforting truth to themselves and others. Something I often forget is that the Psalms is actually a collection of songs!

In one of these songs that deals directly with fear, David sings,

And now my head shall be lifted up
above my enemies all around me,
and I will offer in his tent
sacrifices with shouts of joy;
I will sing and make melody to the Lord.

Psalm 27:6

The wording of Psalm 27 suggests that David is not yet out of danger when he pens his lyrics, perhaps when he sings the song for the first time. He’s still battling fear. But he recognizes that a powerful weapon against his fear is song.

One of the tips I like to share with others for fighting fear is to sing. I think my own experience took me by surprise, though, because I hadn’t thought about the fact that even just listening to the right songs could also conquer fear.

ipod (1280x853)So I’ve decided to create a Fear Warrior Playlist. I’m going to download a collection of songs and have them on my iPod or phone in a special group that I can listen to when I’m facing fear. I could use this playlist in times of all sorts of fear—worry, anxiety, stress, etc. I hope to also learn these songs by heart so I can sing them aloud or silently in my mind at any time.

Will you join me and create a Fear Warrior Playlist, too? Your “playlist” doesn’t have to be on an iPod or smartphone. You can simply create an actual list (on paper! Wow!) and keep it in your purse, pocket, or car. Memorize these songs so you can “play” them in your head or sing them yourself in times of fear.

I want to share with you the songs I’ve included on my Fear Warrior Playlist so far. I’m hoping you’ll share your favorite fear-fighting songs with me, too, so I can expand my collection and we can help each other build an unbeatable Fear Warrior Playlist.

What songs do you use to calm your fears? What song will you sing or listen to the next time you’re worried? Please share!

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      Jerusha Agen

      LOL, cute! Thanks for sharing this, Helene. I LOVE Psalm 121 for fighting fear. How lovely to get that into the heart and mind of your daughter at an early age. Thanks for joining the conversation today!

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  1. Emily Conrad

    I love the idea of having a playlist for this! Music is so powerful–recently helped jumpstart me back into working on a manuscript I’d been struggling to get into for months.

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      Jerusha Agen

      That’s terrific that music helped you get back into your manuscript, Emily! I love music for that. I listen to movie soundtracks as I write to help me “get in the mood.” It works wonders! Thanks for joining the conversation!

  2. Rachel McDaniel

    Music is so powerful! After I had a miscarriage, fear would try to creep all over me that it would happen again. Thankfully I worked in a Christian environment that let me play music in my office. Nichole Nordeman’s Brave was a constant to me! God helped me be brave. 🙂 Yes thoughts came, but HIs grace proved greater, and the following spring I was holding my little promise—a healthy boy named after his daddy. 🙂

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      Jerusha Agen

      What a neat story of God’s faithfulness and blessing, Rachel. I’ll have to add “Brave” to my playlist, too! Thanks for the suggestion and for joining the conversation!

    2. Katie Sanders

      Oh, Rachel, I’m so sorry to hear of your miscarriage! I cannot imagine how difficult and painful the loss must have been for you. I certainly would have been afraid of it happening again! But what beauty God brought from the ashes—a truth I’ve seen in my own life and others’. A woman at a church I used to attend had a tubal pregnancy and also miscarried several other babies, most, if not all of whom, were boys. Several years ago, she gave birth to a boy!

  3. Lisa Ruben

    Just what I need today, saved it in my chat so I could get to it later. Thank-you ! When I can think up a few good lose your fear songs I will send them out to you. God Bless

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  4. Liz Rigby

    For fear….I love Beautiful Messes by Hillary Scott, Make A Way by I AM THEY, and Trust in You by Lauren Daigle …music is the number one way that I keep my mind on Him all throughout my day, no matter what I’m feeling. Fabulous post.

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  5. Katie Sanders

    Great battle strategy, Jerusha! Here are several of my favorites:
    “Fearless” – Jasmine Murray
    “No Thief Like Fear” – Jason Gray
    “Sparrows” – Jason Gray
    “Breathe” – Johnny Diaz
    “Already There” – Casting Crowns
    “Never Been a Moment” – Micah Tyler
    “Lift My Life Up” – Unspoken
    “Still” – Hillary Scott

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      1. Katie Sanders

        Recently, I experienced the calming power of music under unusual circumstances! One morning, I glimpsed a man charging up our lawn (we live on a small hill), then tearing across the neighbor’s. When I suddenly became aware of sirens, I realized, “Yikes! That guy is running from the police!” I started shaking uncontrollably. Turns out the man had just abandoned his stolen car. (The previous night, half a dozen police cars had burned rubber down our street in pursuit of a hit-and-run driver.)

        After I witnessed the fleeing thief, the only thing that calmed me down was the music of Eli Eli—particularly, “You Are My Salvation” and their a cappella rendition of “In Christ Alone.” Their songs aren’t necessarily related to fear, but they are quite soothing.

        By the way, three other great songs I should have mentioned earlier are “Cast My Cares” (Finding Favor), “The Voice of Truth” (Casting Crowns), and “Learning” (Jason Gray).

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          Jerusha Agen

          What a story, Katie! I’m thankful that God kept you and your family safe from harm and that He used the power of song to bring you peace! Thanks for the additional song suggestions, too.

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