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Transformed: Shedding Our Fears and Finding Peace

Jerusha Agen Fighting Fear 9 Comments

Jerusha: I’m pleased to introduce you to Peggy Cunningham, children’s author and missionary! Peggy is offering a giveaway of one print copy of her latest release, Hooray for Holidays, a collection of sweet holiday stories for children. So join me in giving Peggy a big welcome and leave a comment below to enter the giveaway! By Peggy Cunningham In my …


Winds of Change: How to Face Them Without Fear

Jerusha Agen Fighting Fear 7 Comments

I was known as the queen of tradition. Well, my siblings would probably call me more of a stickler for tradition. As we grew old enough to question traditions, my siblings started to want to change some of our long-established modes of doing things. It began with Christmas—the most sacred traditions of all. Suddenly, my brothers wanted to make a …